Once again I have repeated the same mistake: trust in book covers. A seductive cover photo, some good recommendations by writters or magazines and a hint of engaging plot is enough so I start reading what is supossed a thriller novel. Try to avoid reading books described like "Page-turning", "Thrilling" or "Sinister". Is vaguely impossible to resist the temptation. But just starting to read you can realize that it is about somehting pretty different. But despite of that, you still try, you still give a chance and finally you find that have read more than the 30% of the book. Tha magical figure from I decide to give up or keed reading. And that milestone was more difficult to me than others, because "Mine" is not bad, but not as good as I expecter either. So I decided to continue till the end and close the novel of J.L. Butler with a little dissapointing taste. The number of pages are too much to suit the simply plot and it is basically bored. Some plot turns are too easy to predict and others too weird trying to put some pieces not needed but trying to mislead and confuse the reader. But this effect is a clear lack of ideas giving a leak of sense.