What is the meaning of «progress»? We must know it to answer with property because to progress, we need to improve without collateral damage. Technicians, engineers, politicians, medicals, and business men are people who help progress, but they need to respect and accomplish some basic rules, and the main rule: Respect for humans and nature. A few years ago I read this: «Progress without human respect, is not progress», and I would like to explain it with a clear example.

I live in Castelldefels and people who live here like to enjoy nature, beach and great open green areas. In some cases, we must pay an extra-price to live here although we are ready to pay because the location is near  Barcelona city as well. So far so good, but since 4 years ago something has changed here: airplanes. Our fantastic politicians and business men have designed a new runway in El Prat Airport without respect for people who live in Castelldefels and Gava, two towns in front of the coast and 20 kms of distance from the airport.

Depending on wind direction, the airplanes must fly over our houses to reach the airport. Those airplanes need front wind to take off and then, when the wind blows from behind, the air controllers change the operational configuration and planes are landing and flying over Castelldefels. This configuration is harmful for us and it happens 30% of time a year.

People who decided it, want that El Prat Airport become the main airport of the Mediterranean sea, and their speech is about progress. They want to lift Barcelona to become one of top ten cities of the world and they think that El Prat Airport is our main tool. This fight between business and humans, have one loser: humans.

Because we need to have direct flights to China with no transfers every day, we need a new terminal, a new runway and new spaces with hotels and services but in this race to reach this called success, people like me can’t sleep after lunch, kids at schools have high noises, and old men who like walking in seaside, they must breathe kerosene. Yes, tomorrow I could get a ticket to fly to San Francisco with no transfer in Schiphol airport, but do we need it? And, if we need it, do we need it every day?

This scenario doesn’t happen only in El Prat Airport, airports like Barajas, Heathrow and others are suffering the same situation; all at the expense of the euro and the dollar: the true guilty. I am writing about airport pollution, but it could be applied to car industries, chemical industries or waste treatment. My opinion is not a political speech and we need to be conscious of our planet and our quality life.

To finish my apocalyptic composition, I would like to recover these words: «Progress without human respect, is not progress», because if we don’t listen to this warning, probably, we will live inside of a bubble, or worse, inside of a space helmet. I swear.

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