TheBurningRoomDoesn’t matter whether Harry Bosch is getting older or he is working now in Open-Unsolved Unit; he is living a second youth becoming a more experimented detective taking advantage from his long cop career and aging. In “The Burning Room” Connelly is delivering a slow-motion novel allowing us to taste page by page the basis and essencial Harry. He should solve a two decades old case when a mariachi was dead by an astray bullet shot by a suposed gang. This time, and following the department policy, he will be joint with a young detective in order to feed the knowledge transfer.

Despite of Michael Connelly books are classified as crime novel, it doesn’t mean we are speaking about cop pursuit cars, street wars or tough guys with Rayban sunglasses leaned in their cars eating doughnuts. Real talk, it is pretty different. And if someone has doubts, this story confirms that. The Burning room is the most investigating book ever written by Connelly and we can consider the story as joining puzzle pieces exercice. The mariachi shot twenty years ago was not a random dead. Nowadays, and thanks to the new technology, the bullet was extracted from the spinal cord and checked it was from a rifle. It changes completely the angle of investigation and revealing new evidences.

In this journey, Harry will be coupled with Soto. A young girl promoted recently due to shooting case where she defeated a very bad guys hitting an armed robbery. Since then, she was called “the shooter” and her short experience will give to Harry a very interesting point of view. Plus, she seems to be dragging a sad story behind, cause she is envolved investingating a nine deads when the facility where they lived was on fire. That fire was a suposed accidental by firemen, but after the experts report, it was declared an arson. Something hidden there is related with Soto and both cases will be getting close and seemed linked.

No doubt Connelly has a strong connection with Harry, and both of them have a two-ways relationship, so every book written by Michel is like an old wine with a wood taste and a hint of gunpowder.

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