20150827132959When I bought the AverMedia Live Game Portablxe almost two years ago, the main requeriment was just one: Be compatible with PlayStation 4. And reading its brochure, certainly it was. So once my new and bright PS4 arrived to home, checking whether that information was true, was the first thing I did. And yes, it is true but as usual, the way was not easy and if you are in the same situation as me, probably you need to know something. Read more.

My Avermedia is not connected to any computer. It is used in Free-PC mode. It means that all I record from my Playstation is saved in a SDCard. But what I realized when I pressed the record button? A red and blue lights blinking. Nothing was recorded. Those lights blinking means error, but no clue. First: format the SDCard as FAT32. It was, but I wanted to check twice. No success. Changing the USB power supply didn’t help me either. The last try: change the SDCard. The same. I was very concerned, frankly speaking.

After reading and reading forums, nobody faced the same issue so I had to research by myself. In that desperate moment I thought: Maybe… the Avermedia is broken? Something wrong and suddenly doesn’t works. Uffff… I wonder, I should try with a computer. And checking this I found the answer.

I opened RE Central and pressed record Button… and surprise: “ERROR: Is not possible to record this contentment due copyright” –I don’t remember the message exactly, but it was the idea-. What? But if this device is compatible!!!! When you tries to record from PlayStation 4 you need to know this console delivers HDMI signal protected. But doesn’t matters. It can be disabled easily: Go to Settings, System and disable “Activate HDCP”. Obviously, this configuration can be valid for all recording devices, not only for Avermedia.

The meaning of HDCP is High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection and disabling this tick, you will be able to record your gameplays with free issues. For sure. But if I did not use a computer, it was impossible knowing in Free-PC what on earth those red and blue light colors means. So, lesson learnt: disable this option if you want to use your game capture device.

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