Manacor DT75/8

When I bought my Heco Victa 300 3 years ago, I thought it was a big deal. These pair of speakers looks great and Heco seemed to be a serious German company. Definitely, I was wrong: one tweeter got mute. Seems Heco tweeters get damaged easily since I have read many users with the same issue. Heco support seems to be as bad as quality product, because nobody had been able to find the spare part officially. Looking for a spare part on internet was impossible too and I had to get inspired on  They teach me how to use Manacor DT75/8 instead original Heco spare in Victa 200 speakers with the same cone dimensions. I was worried about if the solution was able to apply because Victa 200 are a little smaller than 300, but once Manacor were delivered me yesterday, I realized that I had no reasons to be concerned; certainly, are the same cone dimensions.

The process to replace the damaged tweeter is not easy but possible with patience and some skills. You will need some tools as well, and be brave. It is hard to saw my expensive loud speakers, but… What could go wrong? They are damaged and trying fix them should be a good chance to save your outlay.

You can read a long explanation with some details in Spanish in my previous post but don’t worry if you don’t speak my language; I am sure following the gallery attached might help you. The post is called “Reparando el tweeter de unos Heco Victa 300” and I don’t like wasting my time explaining the same in English, hereby ask me if you need. Furthermore, the process is applied for Heco Victa loud speakers, but it is okay for any speakers. The most important thing is check cone dimensions in order to fill the hole in the baffle but not breaking the esthetics. Be bold and get ready for become alive your speakers again!

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