slate21Since Kitkat came to my tablet, it’s driving me insane. It is not related with errors or bugs, it is regarding how it works with SD card storage. Now, the SD card has only one owner: the OS. It means, we are not able to save files there, so you can figure out how much angry I am. Copying music files, movies, zip or doc file is not possible now. This resource is used by the OS and it is used to manage applications, save app data or whatever the OS wants. If you try to create a folder there or copy a file from LAN, you will receive permission denied. At this point, the only way or workaround we can apply, is copy the file to internal memory from LAN, and when this step done, move those files to SD later. But also this method could fail depending the Android distribution or software used. Well, my intention was not talk about this –but why not?-. My first intention is talking about the upgrade of my HP Slate 21 to Kitkat. If Kitkat is making me having a nightmare about previously mentioned, let me drag you to the hell. There are a lot of pain.

It was about end of December 2014. I received an alert in my notification bar with the update to Kitkat. My Slate21 was JellyBean, so I went ahead and I didn’t think twice: Install. What could go wrong? In fact, everything.

After the upgrade, my Slate faced two important issues. Well, one important issue and a worrisome incident.  The most important problem is all audio devices plugged wired or wireless to the Slate21, sound like an old mono radio equipment. The sound has no dynamics, no bass and a crappy sound is carried to my HIFI system. I also tried with Bluetooth speakers with the same result. The other little problem I mentioned is ClanTV app –yes, my daughters are addicted-, is running with split screen and partially truncated after upgrade. This is not the main problem, but it is an important aftermath.

So, due the sound problem, I started a war with HP in order to fix my problem. All Slate21 owners are facing the problem, but not all of them seems to be worried cause this, so a handful of us have tried to talk with them using twitter, HP support forum and also calling. The result is an important lack of information. After 3 pages in HP support forum, they recognized the issue and they admitted as well, roll back is not possible in Android, so go back to JB was not a choice. The fix to solve the problem should come in 3-4 weeks. Finally, it was not in 3-4 weeks. It was one week ago. Ten pages later in that forgotten forum by HP, they announced the fix was sent to all Slate21. I applied it last week. Full stop and take a deep breath.

The fix came to my Slate like supposed charm, but didn’t work. After install it, the sound was the same: a shit –sorry, but I was desperate-. Some of them tried the upgrade with the same result. Two days later and helping COVA from HP–he is the technician more involved in solve the issue- the patch didn’t work if it was applied with OS upgraded. So, I tried a reset factory default, and after that: the miracle happened!

This is my history and the history of many buyers that trusted in HP and how this company fails. We were ignored along almost two months and the movie ended well thanks to one man. One man involved who gave us less information that we wish but he was the only one man in HP worried about our matters. Matters and problems solved after some fruitless tests, wasting time and getting red.

At the end, I confirm my theory: Companies are important when people is important. Is not enough to sell good products. Nowadays, is important as well good communication with customers, give enough information keeping them posted about the issues and finally, deliver the best solution. HP in this case, fails in every requirement, and I am pretty sure HP products will not be bought at home for a long long long time. More than two months with my new Slate21 switched off is more than I can endure. Definitely, I have lost my trust in this company. It is not serious.


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