Agent6Tired of waiting for Agent 6 in spanish, I decided to read it three months ago in english. This book is a part of a trilogy and after read “El niño 44” –Child 44- and “El discurso secreto”  -The secret speech- and it was indispensable to read the last one of the saga. Firsts books were very recommendable and Tom Rob Smith mixed wisely intrigue with USSR politics in the same plot, but in this book, he has forgotten the first ingredient. After almost four hundred pages, yesterday night, I decided to close the book and left Agent6. Usually, I decide to leave a book if it is not accomplishing my expectation when I have read a 30 per cent of the amount of pages, but this time, I didn’t want to give up; but it became a torture and I had no choice. May be, that is the reason because this book was no translated to my idiom. In fact, I think the best of this book are the cover and the title.

Regardless of politics issues, this book has a very important lack of rhythm, and turn every page was an act of faith. Agent6 starts with Leo Demidov married with Raisa, who meet in “The secret speech” and they have two daughters –adopted and meet in “The secret speech” too-: Elena and Zoya. Leo is not the man that he used to be: he was a brave soviet spy when he was younger and nowadays is a father fearful and disillusioned about his country. However, his older daughter seems to be radical and involved with Russian politics, and Leo is reluctant regarding this.

Tom wrote the book dividing the plot in three parts: In the first one, Leo should escort a famous american singer visiting URSS when the Cold War reached maximum tension. The second one, Leo is living in Kabul and Agfhanistan during Russian occupation. And the last one, I suppose that the book returns to the first part to close the plot but I am guessing because I left the book in that point.

Despite nteresting locations, the book is very very slow, tricky and messy and more than five hundred pages were too much for me. I don’t want to waste time writing about a book I didn’t like, but I decided to write this post because I believe that Tom deserves to know my frustration and I would like to encourage him to write a new book but this time, he should think in first fascicule of the Leo series. It seems that this saga is like a big balloon losing air until it becomes a piece of nasty rubber. Tom please, breathe deeply and blow to inflate a new novel like “Child 44”. I think you owe it to your fans.


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