Nowadays I am a confirmed reader, but I have discovered the pleasure of reading late. I have to recognize –with a little bit of shame- that I started reading again about twelve years ago more or less and I wonder if getting married with a librarian is the reason. These years I have been searching a guilty of my lack of interest in the past, and finally I have found him: my literature teacher. When I was fifteen I had to read a lot of master opus of Spanish literature and I do not doubt about their value and quality, but It was not appropriate for me in that period of my life. Books by José Zorrilla, Gustavo Adolfo Becker or Fernando de Rojas had to be read by a young boy who preferred playing computer games or chasing beautiful girls. I was suffering a hormonal explosion and that kind of books could not help me. No wonder.

Because of those boring years I hated reading book and I became an insane reader of magazines: computers, car and motorbikes, fashion, clock… I keep buying those magazines although since the end of nineties I have shared my precious time reading books as well.

I started reading a lot of kind of genres, but definitely, detective novels is my favorite. This does not mean that I do not read other kind of books but I enjoy reading Michael Connelly, Peter James or Laura John Rowland saga a lot. In Los Angeles, London, Tokyo… It does not matter, I like the rhythm of thriller novels at several locations and try to discover the murderer by myself.

As I said, I am interested in other genres. I am a fanatical follower of Juan José Millás and his bibliography. I admire his style because it is very closer and he likes writing about people and their lives. I also often read historical novels, and two weeks ago I started reading a Stephen E. Ambrose book titled “D-Day”. It is a very largo book with almost 900 pages. This book talks about how American and British soldiers saved Europe from Hitler’s army, from the Normand landing to Berlin. I admire those historical facts because it is a memorable example of power and democracy against injustice. Mr. Ambrose is a specialist of the Second World War and the amount of facts and dates written in this book is incredible. It is very recommendable.

Now in perspective, I would like recover those years when I did not read because I have been doing the maths and I could not read all books that I want. Sleepless nights reading with bloodshot eyes will not be enough to recuperate that lost time.

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