Working in team means meetings and those meetings are needed to look consensus. We need to work in the same direction and set up our goals, although sometimes it becomes the best scenario to argue.

Being part of an IT department could be a reason why I hate meetings. My kind of job consists of developing projects and staying in front of the personal computer. We need to be creative, rigourous and concentrated. These behaviors are very important to reach our goals, and  spend time talking and meeting is a waste of time. Our kind of job is pretty different from marketing or sales department. We don’t need to persuade anyone or sell anything, we only need to focus on our work and accomplish our deadlines. Although I don’t like meetings I have to recognize that they are necessary to organize and analize how we can do projects and set deadlines.

I should add that being part of an IT department doesn’t mean that all the people in this kind of departments are equal. We have another specimen who likes meetings. I call them: political non-specialists. They love meeting and enjoy meeting with an apple, a coffee… and spending hours and hours talking about angels’ sex –empty words-. They are not good enough at their job and they are overcoming this lack of skills trying to convince others that they are doing very very important things. They are very easy to recognize: they like laugh, write endless reports, do stupid questions, and sit side by side with their boss. I’m sure that this specimen lives in other environments, not only in the IT department.  When the day ends, they arrive home thinking that their lives are very valuable and they have saved the world, but in reality, others have been working instead of them.

With regard to whether meetings are not work or if they are about work I think that in fact, it is all work, because sometimes I have to type on my computer and sometimes I need to know what have to type. Meetings are necessary to trace a line and to be on the same page.

Years ago I read that “The duration of one meeting does not have to exceed 10 minutes. The rest, is a waste of time”. I agree with this affirmation and I am a follower of this philosophy when I am a meeting leader. It’s very important to go to the meeting with clear goals and try to solve problems quickly.

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