The Last: novel

Pouring in a pot Walking Dead series with Ten little niggers novel and shaking tough, you will obtain a very interesting result: The Last. This novel comes trying to add some extra ingredients such a living isolate, the end of the world due to nuclear bombs and a crime unresolved. It is an step forward putting humans in an oppresive ambient and reaching their limits but no doubt Hanna Jameson knows how to catch our eye using a direct writting style and a very deep introspective characters.

Sleepless nights reading

Nowadays I am a confirmed reader, but I have discovered the pleasure of reading late. I have to recognize –with a little bit of shame- that I started reading again about twelve years ago more or less and I wonder if getting married with a librarian is the reason. These years I have been searching a guilty of my lack of interest in the past, and finally I have found him: my literature teacher. When I was fifteen I had to read a lot of master opus of Spanish literature and I do not doubt about their value and quality, but It was not appropriate for me in that period of my life. Books by José Zorrilla, Gustavo Adolfo Becker or Fernando de Rojas had to be read by a young boy who preferred playing computer games or chasing beautiful girls. I was suffering a hormonal explosion and that kind of books could not help me. No wonder. read more

Wasting time

Working in team means meetings and those meetings are needed to look consensus. We need to work in the same direction and set up our goals, although sometimes it becomes the best scenario to argue.

Being part of an IT department could be a reason why I hate meetings. My kind of job consists of developing projects and staying in front of the personal computer. We need to be creative, rigourous and concentrated. These behaviors are very important to reach our goals, and  spend time talking and meeting is a waste of time. Our kind of job is pretty different from marketing or sales department. We don’t need to persuade anyone or sell anything, we only need to focus on our work and accomplish our deadlines. Although I don’t like meetings I have to recognize that they are necessary to organize and analize how we can do projects and set deadlines. read more

What is the meaning of progress?

What is the meaning of «progress»? We must know it to answer with property because to progress, we need to improve without collateral damage. Technicians, engineers, politicians, medicals, and business men are people who help progress, but they need to respect and accomplish some basic rules, and the main rule: Respect for humans and nature. A few years ago I read this: «Progress without human respect, is not progress», and I would like to explain it with a clear example.

I live in Castelldefels and people who live here like to enjoy nature, beach and great open green areas. In some cases, we must pay an extra-price to live here although we are ready to pay because the location is near  Barcelona city as well. So far so good, but since 4 years ago something has changed here: airplanes. Our fantastic politicians and business men have designed a new runway in El Prat Airport without respect for people who live in Castelldefels and Gava, two towns in front of the coast and 20 kms of distance from the airport. read more